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self-defense, or death
of some salesman

by Carson Kretizer


Directed by Ed Sobel
@ Steppenwolf Theatre’s Merle Reskin Garage Theatre
as part of its Visiting Company Initiative
* 2005 After Dark Award for Best Ensemble


A hitchhiking, highway hooker is turned into a nation–wide celebrity when she is arrested for the murder of seven of her johns. Is she the nation’s first female serial killer, as the media would like to paint her, or a victim acting in self–defense? Rivendell Theatre Ensemble takes the audience into a world of seedy strip clubs, biker bars, backwoods swamps, and even into death row, as they follow Jolene Palmer’s journey through the legal system and beyond. Based on the compelling true story of Aileen Wuornos, this scary, thought–provoking, and highly theatrical tale will haunt audiences long after the play is over.

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