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Be aggressive

by Annie Weissman


Directed by Edward Sobel
@ The Breadline Theatre (May 2003)

* Midwest Premiere


Annie Weisman’s Midwest premiere, is a dark comedy about Laura, a teenage cheerleader in San Diego coming of age amid Prozac and smoothie shops. After her mother is killed in an auto accident, Laura joins another cheerleader to take part in an intensive two-week cheerleading camp somewhere in the Bible Belt. Armed with stolen money and a Mobil card, they encounter both disappointment and a renewed sense of self.


According to director Ed Sobel, “Be Aggressive” is as ironic as its title. “By embracing cheerleading, Laura comes through by the end and finds something more meaningful. It’s a lot like the movie `Bring It On’ but takes its subject more seriously with fewer caricatures.”


The production featured original cheers and a score by Lindsay Jones.


Rivendell Theatre Ensemble
Theatre: 5779 N. Ridge Avenue
Office: 5775 N. Ridge Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660

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